This is the most intense motorbike police chase you’ll see

You may have seen many police chase videos on TV that look like a scene from a movie. Although these chases are intense and heart-wrenching, most of them have several police cars chasing a car.

The video you are about to see is unlike anything you have seen. It features a high-octane police chase in the streets of Brazil. The chase has a single police officer following a thief on a bike through many tight corners. It clearly shows that the thief knows his way around the area while the police officer may seem to be struggling a bit by following him at high speed but he eventually gets the best of him.

According to Brazil natives, the police officer is part of the ROCAM (Ostensive Police With Support of Motorcycles), a military police division of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This team is regarded as one of the best and most well-trained police force in the world. From the video, it is easy to see how vigilant and attentive the police officer is while chasing the thief at very high speeds through very tight corners.