Fun City From Centaurus Islamabad Opens In Giga Mall

When it comes to attractions, entertainment facilities, and fun filled play areas, Islamabad is remembered as a city that rarely offers these kinds of facilities. But as the city is developing, more and more places are opening.

The iconic Centaurus Mall in Islamabad offered the city’s first indoor play area known as the Fun City. Although it was a welcoming change for citizens of the capital city, it’s primarily designed for children with a very little area dedicated to the facility.

Now that same ‘Fun City’ is opening in Giga Mall on the 25th of June and this time it is bigger, better and includes rides for adults!


Fun City Giga Mall Rides

Fun City Giga Mall is based on an area twice as big as the Centaurus area and will bring with it many new rides that exclusively for adults. It will be the first indoor play area that will bring with it international rides that offer thrill and fun to both children and adults. Fun City Giga Mall will have rides such as the Carousel, Chop Flip, bumper cars, the 360, arcade video games and much more.

Fun City Giga Mall Location

Fun City Giga Mall will open tomorrow which is 25th of June. Here’s how you can get to Giga Mall: