Disney just announced a Frozen sequel, but it isn’t what you really think it is

Frozen is now already four years old and Disney has not released a full sequel for a movie that was a surprise hit all around the world.

Ever since it’s release, fans have been craving for a sequel and now their wish has come true..sort off.

Today Walt Disney Animation released a trailer of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, which is essentially a short film that is 21 minutes long.

But the good news is that it will play as the opening of a new Disney act for Coc, a film about a young boy who gets acquainted with a magical guitar. Both of the films are set to release on November 22.

Even though Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is a short movie, it is still a very big treat for Frozen and music fans because it features at least 4 songs.

In the trailer above, we can see that Anna’s and Elsa’s live have significantly improved. They now get along with each other a lot better and Elsa has accepted her gifted icy powers.

Although it isn’t a full sequel, Disney has already set up plans to release Frozen 2, the actual sequel to the first film on November 27, 2019.