Checkout this futuristic mosque complex being built in Saudi Arabia

Schiattarella Associati, a Rome-based firm has just released the design of a grand community mosque complex to be built in the city of Ha’il in Saudi Arabia. The design shows that traditional cultural elements of Najd architecture will be used to finish the project.

The 22,500 square meter structure will become a new landmark mosque known as the Al Jabri Mosque which will be capable of accommodating 3000 people.

Within the mosque, a central square will be formed which will be the focal point of the complex and will serve as the primary social space of the structure.

The central square will be accessed via a variety of covered corridors and shaded courtyards. Surrounding them will have numerous default amenities which include cafes and restaurants on the ground floor. Libraries and a Quran school will also be added on the first floor with sports facilities also planned.

Perhaps the most magnificent of architectural features for the mosque is the way the light will be manipulated inside it. The internal spacing in the walls of the mosque will allow the natural light to spread across the prayer space by bouncing off and reflecting the surfaces.

At sunset, the building will be illuminated with artificial lights mixed with the direct light penetrating the prayer hall. At this time of the day, the luminous intensity will increase towards the mihrab, a dedicated niche in the wall which the people face to pray and is also the indicator of the direction of Khana Kaaba.