After Chaar Paee the west is attempting to sell Kolla Puris with a fancy name

Just a couple of days ago, a well-known superstore Target tried to sell a Chaar Paee at $300 by calling it a ‘Jute Indian Bench’. Now another western brand is trying to sell another very common Pakistani sandal the ‘Kolla Puri’ at a steep price by giving it a fancy name and description.

An online store Forever 21 has just introduced a line of sandals which it is calling the Caleidoscope Sandals which are essentially just Kolla Puri’s with a fancy name and a description. But that isn’t all, the brand is selling it at around $48 which is approximately around RS. 4,900 for a sandal that otherwise costs around RS. 500 in Pakistan.

To justify the cost, Forever 21 has given the sandals a fancy description which reads ‘A pair of genuine leather sandals by Studio Caleidoscope featuring a tribal-inspired embroidered upper, a slip-on style, and a flat heel. Dust band included’.

Forever21 has listed at least 5 different designs each costing $48.

The fun part is that other sandals listed on the website are around $6 – $12 only. Also upon further inspection, you can see that these sandals are actually made in India.

Would you pay $48 for a Kolla Puri?