Baskin Robbins, the best ice cream restaurant in the world is finally coming to Pakistan

UPDATE:  Baskin Robbins is set to open in Packages Mall, Lahore on the 11th of October.

Just a couple of months back, news of the world’s biggest specialty ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins coming to Pakistan broke. But to our disappointment, the news turned out to be a dud.

Now news of Baskin Robbins opening its doors in Pakistan has resurfaced and this time its 100% confirmed. The international chain has just signed a master licensing agreement with a local company, AHG Flavors Pvt Ltd. to set up 35 Baskin-Robbins outlets in the entirety of Pakistan. The first of 35 branches is all set to launch in Packages Mall, Lahore.

The news was broken by Irfan Mustafa, chairman of AHG Flavours who said graciously described what Baskin Robbins was and how it would be bringing all of its 31 variety of flavors to Pakistan. He also confirmed that the first branch of the ice cream restaurant will be opened in a few months.


Baskin-Robbins Pakistan will have all of its fan favorite flavors available on launch. These include the famous Almond Fudge, Pralines ‘n Cream, Jamoca, Chocolate Chip, Mango, Tiramisu, Very Berry Strawberry and more. The outlets in Pakistan will also be giving out their signature range of ice cream cakes, ice cream sundaes, and frozen beverages.

In Pakistan, quite a few restaurants have been selling ice creams in the name of Baskin Robbins. Unfortunately, nearly all of them were not the original product. Baskin Robbins is currently being imported in many superstores of Pakistan but they are the retail version of the ice creams which pale in comparison to the fresh ice cream you get at an outlet.

The first outlet is set to open in Packages Mall, Lahore:

More about Baskin Robbins

Baskin-Robbins is the world’s largest and greatest chain of ice cream specialty shops. It was founded in 1945 by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in California.

The ice cream restaurant is mostly known throughout the world for their 31 flavors slogan. The idea is that a customer can enjoy at least 1 new flavor every day of the month.

The company since its inception has introduced more than 1000 flavors globally.