Amazing scenes outside home of Pakistani Captain Sarfraz Ahmed on his arrival in Karachi (Videos)

Mouka Mouka, Selfies, Slogans and every kind of Celebration you can imagie!

Captain Sarfraz Ahmed Arrived along the Champion trophy in Karachi during early morning today. Winning the Champions Trophy and that too against India he must have expected a warm welcome but probably didn’t imagine the number of people waiting for him outside his home. Thousands of fans waited outside his home during the early morning with some been there since last night!

Once Sarfraz managed to get into his home, he came out from his balcony along with the trophy and joined in with the slogans of the crowd’s outside.

Sarfraz Leading Pakistan Zindabad Slogans!

Just see how Pakistan is welcoming our Captain. If you do good for Pakistan , this nation will appreciate you . ( Lesson for all previous Cricketers claiming nation izzat nahie deti)

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Sarfraz Singing Mouka Mouka with Fans!

‏سرفراز احمد اپنے گھر کی بالکونی میں ہاتھ ہلا کر شائقین کو جواب اور موقع موقع گاتے ہوئے۔ویڈیو دیکھئے

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Videos of Sarfraz Arriving and out on his balcony

Sarfaraz Ahmad Arrived Home With The Champions Trophy.#Karachi #CaptanSarfaraz

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Sarfraz Ahmed at his place with ICC Chmapions Trophy!

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Sarfraz thanking his friends & family before going back inside

Sarfaraz meets with fans at home#ChampionsComeHome

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Photos of Scenes outside Sarfraz Home


Earlier at the airport, Governor Sindh and mayor Karachi were among the people present to welcome the national hero. The crowd chanted slogans in favor of Pakistan. People were excited to see a glimpse of Champion captain.

Sarfaraz Ahmed reception at Jinnah International Airport on his return to homeland.@OfficialHassam

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