These aerial shots of Lahore & Bahawalpur look like something taken straight from a fantasy film

Remember Uzair Aziz, the guy who took smartphone photography to a whole new level through his trusty iPhone?

He is back to show a brand new series of photography that will surely drop jaws. This time he has taken mind-blowing aerial photos of Lahore/Bahawalpur that look like they’re coming straight out of some high fantasy movie.

His new aerial shots of the two cities will definitely wow people living in the city at least. Even if you are not familiar with the monuments and culture of the two iconic cities, you’ll still love these photos because they’re showing a side of these cities that we can’t see from the ground level.

Check out how he captured iconic Lahore and Bahawalpur sights such as the Azadi Chowk, Canal Road, Badshahi Mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan, Al-Sadiq Mosque, Bibi Jawindi – Uch Sharif and more.

Badshahi Mosque & Minar-e-Pakistan – Lahore

Aerial View of Various Parts of Lahore

Government College University, Lahore
Azadi Chowk, Lahore
Masjid Wazir Khan, Lahore
Canal Road, Lahore
Liberty Roundabout, Lahore
GC Lahore, Lahore

Al Sadiq Mosque, Bahawalpur

Tomb of Bibi Jawindi – Uch Sharif (Near Bahawalpur)

A Few Aerial View of Bahawalpur as Well!

Chowk Fowara, Bahawalpur
Green Belt Islamia University, Bahawalpur

Uzair uses his trusty drone to take these high-quality shots and then brings it back to his studio to fine tune them. We’re really impressed by the way he brings life to his photography.

About Uzair Aziz

Uzair is a self-taught photographer from Bahawalpur who is also an engineer from GIK. But photography has always been his passion. He may have started late, but from what we have seen so far, Uzair is an amazing photographer that can merge and fuse photos with some very creative art.

He also provides wedding photography, drone coverage, and 2d animation.

If you loved what you just saw, you’ll be excited to know that Uzair is actually also teaching people how to do this through his YouTube channel for free. You could also always take paid tutorial from the photographer/artist if you really dig out his work.

Also, check out more of his work on his official Facebook account.