Watch: TJ Miller Records A Video Message For Pakistani’s

Remember the bartender from Deadpool? The actor playing ‘Weasel’ in the movie ‘TJ Miller’, has a message for all Pakistani’s.

Miller recently released a short video message for his Pakistani fans addressing them directly and asking them to watch his latest animated film ‘The Emoji Movie’ in theaters this summer.

Perhaps the best part of his video message is the correct pronunciation of Pakistan. Miller even points out this in the video by saying ‘Paakistan, not Pay-kistan’. According to him, his friend Kumail Nanjiani taught him the correct pronunciation of Pakistan.

Please watch The Emoji Movie in the theaters this summer. We think you will like it and we think you will understand it because emojis are international, they break all language barriers. Thank you all!

The Emoji Movie is an upcoming animated film which will feature TJ Miller as the lead character Gene who is a multi expressional emoji. Gene sets on a journey in the film to become a normal emoji.

Other casts of the film include big names like Sofia Vergara, Patrick Stewart, Anna Faris, James Corden, Maya Rudolph and more!

The Emoji movie will hit cinemas all across the world on July 28. Will you watch it?