Watch: Jal Releases New Song After A Hiatus Of Two Years

Jal needs no introduction. The band is credited with releasing some of the best songs of Pakistan including Dil Haaray, Aadat, Sajni, Lamhay and more. The band recently got together and released their latest song ‘Parinda’ after nearly two years of hiatus.

Jal was out of the music industry for a while because of their lead vocalist, Gohar Mumtaz was busy acting in the entertainment industry. But he has always had his roots in music and the new video is proof that he and his band will not give up on creating new music for Pakistan.

Although the song provides nothing new to the listeners, it is still worth listening to and watching. The video accurately describes a couple’s breaking relationship directed by Shoaib Rebbani. The song has been written and composed by Gohar Mumtaz.

You will have a bigger surprise in the next video, where band will show you the real new picture and future of the band. i request you all to keep on sharing this music video and spread the word. – Gohar Mumtaz

Jal has confirmed that they will be producing more songs. They have also made themselves available for concerts ad will be shooting new videos in the coming time with newer music. The band has not confirmed whether they are working on a new album, but we will definitely be seeing more of them.