Watch: First Teaser Trailer Of Project Ghazi Released

Pakistani superhero film ‘Project Ghazi’ has been in the limelight ever since the project was announced. The film may be in its production phase, but it is creating immense hype through the work being done in the background.

Today, the production team finally released a teaser for the film quite possibly featuring the main villain of the movie. In the trailer, he seems to be calling out to someone. Between his short speech about lies and truth, we can see footage featuring other stars of the film including Saira Shehroz and Humayun Saeed.

According to producer Ali Raza, about 75% of the production has been completed. The team is hoping to release the film in 2017.

Through ‘Project Ghazi’, Ali wants to explore a different genre in the Pakistani film industry which is a risky place to experiment in. But he is determined that the film has all the elements that will entertain the audience.

The team is working hard to make sure the movie looks and sounds on par with international movies. A few weeks ago, Humayun Saeed was spotted performing risky stunts for the movie which proves that the team is indeed going beyond their usual limits to create something that has never been seen in Pakistan.

Although the release date isn’t confirmed, the producers of the movie are insisting that it will be ready in 2017