Target Is Now Selling Charpaee’s For $300

The iconic charpaae has been a Pakistani household furniture for as long as we can remember. It is still widely used across the rural areas of Pakistan. This hand knit furniture uses wood/metal pipes woven with different materials.

In Pakistan, a charpaee costs not more than a few thousand rupees and is a very common item. But now it has made it to the western world and they have done with it what they always do with common things; give it a fancy name, notch up the price and sell it to people showing it as an exquisite piece of furniture.

For example, Target recently started listing their charpaees on their online store. They are calling it ‘Jute India Bench’ with marvelous benefits even we didn’t know existed. According to the description of the charpaee on Target, it is supposed to give a natural, spa-like feeling to any room.

Target has listed the charpaees for a whopping $300 and people are actually buying it. But a lot of them have already started complaining that the bench is weak and is unable to hold too much weight before it gives up.

To all those poor westerners who have been scammed by Target, we welcome them here in Pakistan to try our home made charpaees which can hold an entire family on top of it without giving up. That too in a meager price of few thousand rupees.