Sohai Ali All Set To Play Zenith Irfan In Biopic

Sohai Ali Abro has just been picked up to play the lead role in the upcoming biopic of Zenith Irfan aka The motorcycle girl by Adnan Sarwar. The movie will be made by logos films independently. It is the same studio that created the Shah biopic in 2015.

The film is based on the journey of Zenith Irfan, a girl in her 20th year who became the first Pakistani female to complete a journey throughout the northern regions of Pakistan on a solo motorcycle.


Zenith Irfan’s journey through the northern areas where in many places it is considered taboo for women to go out alone let alone ride a motorcycle picked up the attention of many big media houses in the west such as CNN, Vice and The New York Times.

In order to make the movie look as authentic as possible, Sohai Ali will be taking motorcycle lessons. She will be making the same journey as Zenith Irfan from Lahore to the northern areas.

The film is being written and directed by Adnan Sarwar and is looking forward for a 4th quarter release window in 2017.