Singapore Has Just Opened This 15 Storey Tall Luxury Car Vending Machine

You’ve probably seen and used vending machines that dispense soft drinks, snacks, and chocolates, but have you ever come across a vending machine that dispenses luxury cars?

As bizarre as it sounds, Singapore has just opened its doors to the world’s largest car dispensing vending machine. It’s a 15-storey tall building that dispenses cars like Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Ferraris and more!

The building or vending machine of cars belong to an online used car seller company ‘Autobahn Motors’. This is a futuristic showroom which was originally opened in December with many different vehicles in a display with a maximum capacity of 60 slots.

The dispensing operation is quite similar to small vending machines. A customer appears next to the machine where they will operate a touch screen. When they decide which car they want to be displayed in front of them, the car is dispensed in front of them.

The car appears in a mere couple of minutes because of the unique dispensing design of the building that was built to offer quick service.

The manager at Autobahn Motors said that this vending machine design for their showroom was aimed at saving space for parking. They also wanted to stand out from their competition by providing something very unique.

But Autobahn motors isn’t the first company to introduce this concept,  an American used cars dealer ‘Carvana’ is also using the same concept to showcase their vehicles, but it is smaller than Autobahn’s building.