The Original Butt Karahi Lakshmi Chowk Lahore Just Got A Makeover

Butt Karahi in Lahore needs no introduction. The eatery has been serving Lahore for decades and is one of the best restaurants to visit especially if you are in the mood to enjoy karahi.

Their specialty has always been cooking organic chicken karahi. They even keep organic chickens in the restaurant where a customer can decide how much heavy and healthy chicken they want. The chicken is then slaughtered on the spot and cooked in the form of karahi and is served fresh.

Up till now, Butt Karahi has been surviving on mediocre seating. People would come and sit outside the restaurant or go in the family halls which were neat and clean but had very simple decor.

Now the oldest and best eatery of Lahore has finally upgraded its seating area and is now offering a luxurious experience at the famous Lakshmi Chowk of Lahore.

The new dining area gives out a sophisticated look of expensive restaurants and cafe that are in Lahore. For those who have always had an issue with the way the dining area was can now finally head to Butt Karahi in Lakshmi Chowk and can enjoy their favorite food in a luxurious environment.