Microsoft Unveils new mixed reality hardware

Microsoft has just announced its first mixed reality controllers which will work with MR/VR headsets including ACER’s and other manufacturers. Just like HoloLens and other windows powered headsets, the controllers will use the inside out tracking technology which means you will not require installing any special sensors in your room.

Microsoft’s mixed reality hardware and software will allow people to mix virtual reality with augmented reality. They will be able to interact with real and virtual objects using the new mixed reality controllers.

Although people only got a glimpse look at the controllers during the Build Developer conference this Thursday, they were definitely catching eyes. Plus Acer has already announced that it will be offering a bundle which will have the complete package containing Microsoft’s own VR headset and controllers for just $399.

The VR headset and controllers will be available for purchase this holiday season. Microsoft will give out its headset to different manufacturers and they will decide the pricing structure for it.

Developers interested in developing content for the Windows MR/VR headset can preorder the hardware from ACER and HP beginning today. The headsets will be delivered this summer.