Messi Look Alike Almost Landed In Iranian Jail

By now you probably have come across a new internet celebrity, a student from Iran that is a complete photocopy of the legendary football icon Lionel Messi.

Reza Parastesh was just enjoying his new earned fame when police had to intervene and arrest him. The problem was that so many people came to him in a single moment to take selfies that it caused a lot of chaos on roads.

Parastesh is so identical to Messi that it is hard for anyone to tell the difference between the two. One sports magazine even used his pictures to report a story on Messi thinking that it was the real Messi.


It all began when Parastesh’s father, a football fanatic forced him to dress up in the 10 Barcelona jersey and take pictures. He sent this pictures to a news website and without surprise, they called him for an immediate interview.

It took only a little while for Parashtesh to really start enjoying his new found talent. He started cutting his hair like Messi and would regularly wear Barca Jersey whenever he would go out. It did really help him by landing him various interviews and even modeling contracts.

The real Messi

Parastesh now aims to polish his skills in football and maybe play professionally one day. He also dreams to meet his hero in Barcelona.