Khalid Malik Joins Qandeel Baloch Biopic

Remember a couple of weeks back when Saba Qamar posted some pictures on her Instagram resembling a lot like Qandeel Baloch? Soon after her photos appeared on the internet, there was speculation that she would be playing Qandeel Baloch in a new biopic.

Now those rumors have been confirmed and Saba Qamar is indeed playing Qandeel Baloch in a new biopic of the late internet celebrity.

She is also joined by none other than Khalid Malik, the heart, and soul of Breakfast Show on FM 89. He will be now heard on FM 91 through his new show Khalid Malik’s breakfast Jam.

But what really caught us by surprise was him signing on the Qandeel Baloch Biopic. The biopic is now officially known as ‘Baaghi’ and will feature other stars like Osman Khalid Butt, Sarmad Khoosat and Ali Kazmi and now Khalid Malik.

Although his exact character hasn’t been revealed, he revealed that the audience will see him in a completely different light.

Khalid Malik also commented on the controversy surrounding the biopic by saying that when he read the script of the telefilm, it had a great change of mind and personality for him.

The telefilm will be aired on Urdu1. No release date has been announced yet.