Hardcover of Pakistani Comic Blood Lines Has Finally Been Released

Pakistan has thousands of fans who regularly read comic books and collect them. Only until recently, Pakistani artists have started working on local comic books to target comic book lovers in the country.

Once comic book that has been making rounds over social media for its artwork and story is Bloodlines.

Bloodline is a comic book created by Crucible Studios in Pakistan and it has just received its first hardcover edition for RS. 350.

The comic book is set in a barren world where swords and sorcery are common. It has a story revolving around fear, vengeance, ambition and retribution. The main protagonist is a lone ranger that goes by the name Hamza. He is in search of his past. During his journey, he comes face to face with a dark force which is shaking the very foundation of civilization.

Crucible studios is a small team of artists consisting of two brothers Mehran Khan and Hamza Butt. The first edition of the comic was first shown at the Comic Con Pk at Defence Library in Lahore in mid-December last year.

Now the duo has finally launched the comic in a hard edition and is already working on the second edition of the book.

To buy Bloodlines, simply head over here and fill out the form.

Have you read the comic book already? What were your thoughts?