Fawad Khan And His Wife Sadaf Khan’s Latest Photoshoot Is The Most Romantic Thing You’ll See Today

There is no doubt that Fawad Khan and his wife Sadaf Khan are one of the most influential couples of Pakistan. They’re completely in love with each other which is easily evident from their relationship with each other.

Fawad Khan has time and time shown love for his wife through different ways. The couple have two children together who are also seen with the couple often.

Fawad Khan and Sadaf fell in love in high school and married each other in 2005. Since then their love for each other has only grown.

The two recently got together for a photoshoot which is setting standards for couple photoshoots in Pakistan. Both were casually dressed and can be seen being very comfortable with each other. Their new shoot is also setting goals for young married couples in Pakistan.

Check out more of their photos here.

Fawad Khan is all set to return to Pakistani screens through his upcoming movie Maula Jutt 2. There are rumors that Fawad Khan will soon also appear on Pakistani television screens through Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands.