Facebook is preparing to launch Netflix like original series

Facebook is reportedly headed into new territory of media entertainment by planning to launch around a couple of dozens of original TV-Like shows in mid-June.

Back in December 2016, rumors were floating around that the social media giant is aiming to follow the footsteps of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu to bring their own original content for viewers. Now multiple sources in the tech industry are confirming that Facebook indeed plans to launch this new service.

According to new reports, Facebook is planning to launch two tiers of shows that would have the same feeling of home TV. The first tier will be high budget shows that will last several seasons. The other tier will have shorter shows with less budget that would only be 10-15 minutes long.

Facebook has nearly 2 billion members which are a quite a lot of audience already. With them launching TV programs through the platform, it will give quite a tough competition to other premium program services. But can Facebook really pull it off with their line of TV shows?

The official by Facebook is only a few weeks away. Experts are speculating that the TV programs will only be launched in very few select regions before it goes worldwide.