ExtraTorrents Shuts Down Forever

After the crackdown on some of the biggest and best torrent sites like the iconic kickass torrents and The Pirate Bay, now the second largest torrent site in the world Extratorrents has bid farewell to its millions of users.

Both Piratebay and Kickass torrents were forcefully taken down. The story with Extratorrents is a bit different, they just announced that they’re going off voluntarily.

The website announced parting ways on Wednesday with a small message saying ‘Thank you’ to its users. There are no confirmed reports if it was forced to take down, but from what it seems they did indeed voluntarily shut down.

In their message, ExtraTorrent has also urged users to stay away from any fake sites that will likely start using the name. The message has clearly said that all the mirrors have also been taken down and the entire data has been erased.

Extratorrent was founded in November 2006 and became one of the largest file sharing websites of the world. It had millions of daily users that downloaded various content.

With the big players in torrents gone, there are only a few left. Are we approaching a time where torrents will be no more? Only time will tell.

Are you aware of any alternatives that are as good as Extratorrents?