An Egyptian Artist Has Produced A 700 Meters Long Quran

An Egyptian artist, Saad Mohammad has just produced a 700 meters long Quran. Saad has always had a dream to get his work featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. Now he hopes that his astonishing achievement will be featured along with other record holders in the book.

Saad Mohammad is a resident of Gharbia which is based in the north area of Cairo. He is an artist by passion who dropped out of school in hopes to achieving greatness through his art. Even his small house in North Cairo is a testament to his work which features all kinds of Islamic motifs on walls and ceilings painted by his own hands.

He produced the Quran single handedly and it took him around 3 years to finish it. His biggest wish was to reproduce Quran that would be recognized the largest and longest handmade Quran in the world.

The Quran is reproduced on a 700-meter long scroll with a wooden box that has rollers on each side. He also went an extra mile to decorate the huge box that holds the Quran intact.

Saad Mohammad also revealed that the Quran was self funded. As for Guiness book of world records, no such record has been added to the book so the chances of him being featured are high.