Cloud Forest at Gardens By The Bay In Singapore Is a Dream land

Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay is Singapore’s greatest attraction that breaks all boundaries of reality. The huge greenhouse-like glass dome is the city’s heart and can be seen from a great distance away and is just as stunning inside as it looks from the outside.

The Cloud Forest is nothing less a scene from a sci-fi/fantasy movie. It has giant man-made structures with climate controlled forests, spiraling walkways, flower towers with solar panels and world’s largest indoor waterfall that falls from 100 feet above the ground.

Singapore is a hot country all year round, which puts people in a position where they are hesitant of going to open air places. But the Cloud Forest is a closed door attraction which is climate controlled.

As soon as you enter the area, you are welcomed by cool air that is created by the 100 feet tall waterfall. The environment inside the structure is set to replicate that of tropical mountains that range from 3000-9000 feet above sea level. This gives out a feeling that you are actually atop a mountain with a forest.


Even if you aren’t  a fan of nature, the Cloud Forest at Gardens By The Bay is a must visit simply because of its mesmerizing architecture and technology. It truly feels like you have stepped inside a fantasy/sci-fi movie. The cloud forest is located at 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore and is open for public from 9 AM to 9 PM every day. The ticket ranges from S$16 to S$28.