Checkout what happens when a funny Indian Meets A Funny Pakistani

Adnan and Ali are both based in the Middle East with each having a background from the two neighboring countries Pakistan and India. Adnan Nalwala is an Indian businessman in Oman while Ali Sufian Wasif (lame brown dude) is a Pakistani accountant in UAE.

What brings them together is their passion for comedy. Ali specifically is an expert on raising awareness through his comedy. So what happens when these two come together? The results are hilarious and definitely worth checking out.

The duo’s new video which they shot in collaboration with Masala! is basically covering news in a funny way. The latest video is called Baat Cheat which essentially shows how people copy things in the entertainment industry and gets away with it. It specifically talks about Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s fight on the Indian Premier League.

For Ali, it has always been generating awareness through humor and this video is no different as it spread awareness about copying in a humorous way.

This isn’t the end of Adnan and Ali, the duo will be returning in more videos to talk about more serious issues and equally mind-boggling topics with a lot of humor added.