Checkout this extreme one off Rolls-Royce car made for just 1 man

Rolls-Royce recently showed off the Sweptail, a car exclusively made for one customer. The car made its debut during a party held by its owner at the shores of Lake Como.

The story of Sweptail is quite interesting. Rolls Royce revealed that they were approached by a regular customer of the company in 2013, best described as a collector of unique and one-off items. The customer offered the idea of building a one-off Rolls-Royce car according to his customized preferences.

Rolls-Royce accepted the offer at an approximate cost of $12.8 million (approximately RS. 1.3 billion) and it took them almost four years to complete the car. The results were unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

The Sweptail design features one of the largest Rolls-Royce signature front grilles that is made with aluminum and hand polished to a mirror finish. The car also has the biggest panoramic glass roof ever seen in a car.

The interior of the car has surprisingly been kept very minimalist. It only has one control on the dashboard with a machined titanium clock embedded. The Sweptail also has wood and leather trims created from Macassar Ebony and Paldao.

The customer also requested a secret feature to be added to the car. In the center console, there is a mechanism which reveals a bottle of champagne. There is also a carbon fiber case on either side of the car that can hold the owner’s laptop.