Checkout This Adorable Sleeping Baby Dressed Up In Traditional Pakistani Dress

The adorable mother-daughter duo Laura Izumikawa and Joey are back to take the internet once again.

Stay at home mother Laura Izumikawa shared a few photos of her sleeping baby dressed up in different popular costumes a while back which were an instant hit on the internet.

The mother continued to share the images of her daughter and it kept bringing more people to her Instagram account. This time she decided to change things a bit and dressed the adorable sleeping Joey in traditional Pakistani dress.

But this time Luara didn’t do it just for fun, she did it for a cause. Laura dressed up Joey in a Pakistani dress because she supports her Pakistani friend’s non-profit organization called the Women’s Digital League.

The WDL seeks to empower women in Pakistan by training and connecting to the internet for online work.

Laura wanted to bring a soft image of Pakistan through her Joey World Project. This photo is to help set a new image of Pakistan where it is evident how women are achieving great things in Pakistan.

The dress for the baby was designed by Pakistani designer Sana Arif. It was made with pure chiffon with adda and gotta in pure silk.

Check out Joey dressed up in various other costumes on the mother daughter duo’s official Instagram.