Careem Adds Local Taxi’s To Its Fleet In The Twin Cities

Ever since ride-hailing services like Careem and Uber launched in Pakistan, local taxi drivers have felt threatened of losing their business.

Ride-hailing services have been offering better services than a local taxi at very affordable rates and hence people now prefer using Careem or Uber over typical taxis because of better vehicles, security, and comfort.

Things between local transport owners and ride-hailing services got so bad that they had to stage a large protest against them in front of the headquarters of Punjab Information Technology Board in Arfa Software Technology park.

But now things are about to change as Careem has just added 25,000 local taxis to its fleet in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

By opening your Careem app, you will now have an additional option of selecting a taxi to travel to your destination. With Careem Taxi, you will no longer have to grab a ride from the road or haggle for rates. Careem will use the same state of the art rate meter with taxi drivers.

This move from Careem will solve the problems of taxi drivers who have to wait hours in taxi stands or waste fuel while trying to find customers.

For the customer, hailing a local taxi through Careem means lower cost of traveling. Here is a comparison of rates between local taxi vs. other services available on Careem.

The following rate comparison was done on a route compromising of 3.6 Kms:

GO – RS. 156-180

GO+  – RS. 217-249

Business  – RS. 277-318

Taxi  – RS. 121-139