These Boy Scouts Did What The Authorities Have Failed To Do In A While

Faisal mosque in Islamabad is one of the most iconic structures in the world. It is not only a symbol of Pakistan but also a major tourist attraction in Islamabad.

Flocks of people from across the country and beyond visit the Shah Faisal Mosque to witness the marvel it is. People also often come to pray regularly at the mosque as well as enjoy the view it offers.

For a Mosque this big and a national architectural landmark, the authorities in the capital have not been doing a proper job to keep it clean. One visit to the Mosque will give you an idea how much it is being neglected by the local authorities.

Instead of waiting for the authorities to take a step to ensure the cleanliness of the mosque, a group of boy scouts brought it upon themselves to make sure everything is neat and clean.

The boy scouts did a wonderful job by cleaning every nook and corner of the mosque not only setting an example for the people to follow, but also sending a clear message to the authorities to take better care of their national assets which are an essential part of Pakistan’s culture.