The Beautiful Pond Of Katas Raj Has Almost Dried Up

Katasraj Temple situated in the Katas village near Choa Saidanshah village has been long a popular tourist destination because of its historic architecture and a beautiful pond right next to it.

But throughout the decades, local authorities have failed to conserve its beauty. The only thing that remained beautiful was the pond. But even that has changed now.

Facebook user ‘Umayr Masud’ recently uploaded photos of the pond from his trip which shows that the pond has almost completely dried out. It looks nothing like what it used to be. Umayr couldn’t help but notice large factories in the distance.

Upon further inspection and a casual talk with the local people residing around the area, he found out that the cement factory in the distance was using bores to get water supply. There are at least 3 large factories in the area that are using the same method to gain water supply.

This has seriously disturbed the flow of the stream that filled the beautiful pond of Katas Raj Temple.

According to Umayr’s sources, the bores only came into being about a month ago. The temple and the pond are sacred to the Hindus living in the vicinity. They have tried to contact the government and local authorities to prevent the factories from consuming the water from the stream but have mostly been ignored.

Look at the pictures of the pond before the bores came into being to get an idea how much things have changed.

If this is let to continue, soon there will be no pond left.