American Idol Is All Set To Return To Television

American Idol is one of the most popular music reality shows of the world. It still remains the best show on US television.

American Idol was canceled by Fox Television in 2016 after being on air for 15 seasons. It was watched by 30 million regular viewers during the 2005-2007 era.

The show has also helped many newcomers start their career in the music industry. For example, Kelly Klarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and Adam Lambert all started their careers by taking part in the reality show.

The show was canceled because of continuous rating falls in the past few years. Fox Television had no choice to stop airing the show. Now it is being picked back up by ABC Network.

The official comeback announcement of American Idol was made during the Good Morning America show on Tuesdays by Robin Roberts. Ever since the announcement, American Idol has already become the top trending topic on nearly all social media networks.

Even in Pakistan, it has a significant fan following who regularly followed the show. But there was still a bit of negativity behind people’s reaction who didn’t seem to be excited. So the real question is, can American Idol be as popular as it was used to be? What changes will the producers bring to make sure it reaches its maximum potential, only time will tell.