Ali Haider Shared A Remix Of ‘Purani Jeans’ And It Started A Debate

Ali Haider’s ‘Purani Jeans’ is more than just a song for Pakistanis, it has for long been recognized as the Anthem of Pakistani Youth given its immense popularity and the relatability it has with the youth of the country.

Even today Purani Jeans is so popular that it can easily be heard playing in car and home stereos. Even aspiring musicians make it a must to cover Purani Jeans.

Today Ali Haider shared an official remix of Purani Jeans which he did with DJ Akash Rohira about 3 years ago and it started a debate amongst his fans.

With the new club mix remix, it seems Ali Haider is trying to reach out to the new generation of youth who have completely different musical tastes from the youth of the 90s. Given the pop/soft rock nature of the original song, the remix has been met by mix reactions from the listeners.

Here’s the original version

Ali Haider started his musical career in 1988 when he was still pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering from NED University. His greatest hits include Purani Jeans, Chaand Sa Mukhra and much more.

Ali Haider has also acted for TV. His most notable performance was on PTV’s ‘Chand Sa Mukhra’ drama serial.