5 Legit Reasons why our Obsession over Fair Skin is completely ridiculous

Let’s face it. The Pakistani society is very stereotypical and not as progressive as we’d like to believe. We have set guidelines when it comes to forming a judgment and our ideals of beauty are weighed out in much the same way.

We encourage vanity to the very core and teach our young girls that looking a certain way is very important if they want to get a good rishta = ultimate goal in life.

When I say ‘certain’ what I essentially mean is fall into our definition of ‘attractiveness’. Let’s see, beauty basically means that a girl (let’s focus on us since we’re still the prime market for fairness brands) should acquire the following traits.

She should be:

  • Fair Skinned – Gora Rang tou compulsory hai
  • Tall – Anything below 5”3 is equivalent to dwarfism
  • Thin – It doesn’t matter if you become malnourished in the process. You better starve yourself if you want to look pretty.

*Caution* any deviance from the traits above may put a person into the ugly faction – All girls belonging to this group are believed to live long, lonely and miserable lives.

Free Advice: To prevent yourself from becoming an ugly duckling we advise you start applying the first fairness cream you can lay your hands on, even if it may risk you to cancer. Start implementing all the totkas that our morning show hosts shamelessly endorse, and possibly consider opting for cosmetic surgery.

As a society, we all constantly reinforce the idea that fair skin is superior to dark through both conscious and subconscious means. Whether it’s the over the top fairness ads that run during prime time, constant conversation on herbal totaks for saaf rang, or our shyness towards more bright colored clothing when shopping out. It’s a given fact that our society is obsessed with skin color that’s used as a focal parameter in judging beauty.

Basically, fair skin equates to attractiveness, beauty, a good rishta, and a happily ever after.

But do you realize what that implies?

It implies that all of us dusky, brown, and dark skinned girls are not only disposed towards the ugly part of the beauty spectrum. But we’re basically, a little less than what we should be.

It doesn’t matter how smart, witty, confident or charismatic we may be. But if we’re not fair, then we don’t fit into the Pakistani definition of beautiful. And that’s more than enough of a reason to face rejection.

While living in a South-Asian country like Pakistan that faces a terribly hot climate we sure as hell have contrasting expectations. The majority of our people are a range of brown and yet our obsession with gora rung still meets no end!

Your skin, be it brown, white or black is perfect just the way it is. If you’re a dusky girl who’s frustrated beyond belief with people advising you totkas on how to make your rang saaf, then these are 5 legit reasons why you should absolutely love your dusky self and stop giving in to what society has to say about you:

1- Dark Skin Makes you look Younger

2- Your Skin Color Makes you look Exotic

3- You don’t have to worry about Freckles

4- Dark Skin Provides Better Skin Protection

5- You Have a natural Warmth to your face

Also, the day you realize you’re perfect just the way God made you you’ll save a fortune on cosmetic products! So just learn to love yourself. Trust me you’re Perfect!