Watch: Veena Malik Releases Teaser Of Her New Music Video

For the past couple of weeks, Veena was actively teasing Pakistan with a comeback on her social media through posts about a new music project featuring herself.

Now that project seems to be nearing reality as the diva has just released a teaser and name of her upcoming song and music video ‘Dushman-e-Watan’.

Veena is calling this project Veena Malik’s ‘Resurgence’ which essentially hints that she is coming back to the showbiz with a brand new avatar and look.

To mark the release of the teaser, Veena also released a couple of new images that show her in her new look. While a couple of her images give out a traditional look, the others are almost completely opposite.

From the looks of it, Veena will be appearing in the music video with different personalities and looks.

Veena Malik also released a video in which she expresses her desire to surprise her fans with an exciting new project, the teaser of which you can see above.

From the teaser above, it is still unclear what the project is really about since her recent images showed very different looks. But from the name of the song, one thing is clear that it will be a patriotic song.