Watch: Veena Maik’s New Music Video Finally Released!

Veena Malik is never really short on controversy. She is often seen making headlines with her publicity stunts.

The Pakistani Diva recently posted a series of photos on her social media profiles which hinted at her return to the entertainment business. After a couple of weeks of teasing her return, she has finally released her new music video.

Veena Malik’s new song is a tribute to Pakistani army written by Lt Col Kazim Hussain Shah (R) and composed by Irfan Saleem.

The new music video is, however, contradictive to the several teaser posts Veena had posted on her Facebook and Twitter earlier. In those posts, Veena shows a glimpse of herself in a completely modern look compared to her actual traditional getup in the video.

One can only wonder why Veena posted such images. Were they to get her additional publicity or are those pictures from another project she is working on?

Speaking of publicity stunts, Veena was recently featured in the headlines due to her divorce scandal. Apparently, she filed a case for khula from her husband on 11th March citing abuse and lack of financial support as her main reasons.

But then reports of intervention by Islamic clerics started coming in where it was revealed she was considering reconciling with her husband.