Watch: Hadiqa Kiani Releases Second Track From New Album

The first video of the track ‘Kamelee Da Dhola‘ was released just a couple of weeks ago by Hadiqa Kiani. It was a refreshing new take on the folk song by Musarrat Nazir that is renowned all over Pakistan.

Yesterday Hadiqa released the second track from her new album ‘WAJD – Volum 1’ titled ‘Bhit Ja Bhitai’ which is a rendition of the classic Sindhi folk song.

This track is also Hadiqa’s first song performed completely in the Sindhi language. She revealed that Bhit Ja Bhitai is very close to her heart and her rendition is a tribute to the legendary poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai.

Bhit Ja Bhitai has been recorded many times by various artists in the past. Hadiqa’s version is backed by various artists who contributed their talents to bringing it to life.

The artists collaborating with Hadiqa on the song include Ustad Baqir Abbas on Japenese recorder, Steve George on classical nylon string guitar, Imran Ali and Irfan Kiani on harmonium, Sharafat on Sindhi Khartaal and Asif Ali Goga on dholak.

Combining their talents together with Hadiqa’s powerful vocals, the rendition of Bhit Ja Bhitai is definitely special and worth a listen.