Watch: First Video Of Hadiqa Kiani’s New Track Released

Pakistan’s renowned singer Hadiqa Kiani is returning with a brand new album ‘WAJD – Volum 1’. This was announced by Hadiqa recently on her official Twitter account.  The album is being produced by Hadiqa’s brother Irfan Kiani. He has collaborated with Hadiqa Kiani on many different occasions. For WAJD, he will also be mastering and mixing the album.

The first video of the track Kamelee Da Dhola was just released. It is a refreshing new take on the folk song by Musarrat Nazir that is renowned all over Pakistan.

Kamelee Da Dhola is just one of the chapters from the new album ‘Wajd’ Hadiqa Kiani is working on. The song is a very well known Siraiki folk song that has been remixed using flutes, dholak, Turkish Lavta and Harmonium.

The video for the track was shot in the courtyard of Mian Yousuf Salli’s famous BaroodKhana Haveli in Lahore.

Since the music was all shot live, Hadiqa had to collaborate with various musicians. Here are the people behind the track.

  • Singer: Hadiqa Kiani
  • Lavta: Steive George
  • Flute: Ustad Baqir Abbas
  • Harmonium: Irfan Kiani & Imran Ali
  • Dholak: Asif Ali Goga
  • Back Vocals: Irfan, Imran, Sakhawat, Sharafat