Virat Kohli Gifts A Signed T-Shirt To Shahid Afridi On His Retirement

When it comes to cricket, Pakistan and India shares a strained relationship with each other, but outside the game, both teams share a kind of love that is evident from their gestures outside the field.

The two teams often fight out each other on the field with immense passion and determination for their countries which increases their respect for each other as sportsmen.

Recently, Pakistani superstar Shahid Afridi announced his retirement from International cricket leaving fans and fellow cricketers emotional. Many celebrities and fans posted messages of love to Afridi, but team India had a very different approach in sending out their respect and love for Afridi.

The extremely popular and versatile batsman from India, Virat Kohli gifted Shahid Afridi his T-Shirt complete with his and his teammate’s signatures and a message that read ‘always a pleasure playing against you’.

This gesture from the Indian team clearly shows the amount of respect they have for their neighboring country players.

Pakistan and India shares tons of intense moments on the field and Shahid Afridi has been a part of these moments for almost 20 years. For many Pakistani’s Afridi was their sole purpose for watching cricket.

Afridi may have retired from International Cricket, but the memories he gave us through his career will always be cherished forever.