Uber Is Finally Headed To Islamabad And Rawalpindi

The popular ride-hailing service Uber is finally headed to the twin cities. The news has been confirmed by sources close to the company.

Although the official launch date hasn’t been set by Uber officially, it will be launching in Islamabad and Pindi in the coming week. The idea is to launch the service by the end of April.

Islamabad and Pindi were mostly been dominated by Careem, another popular ride hailing service till now. With Uber heading there, people can finally expect more discounts since there will be tough competition between the two. Other cities where both of these companies operate can be seen receiving more discounts because of the competition.

Uber is currently establishing its fleet of cars for the twin cities. The company has revealed that they are already set to have enough cars to launch their services. They will keep adding more vehicles in the coming few months.

As always, with Uber launching in a new city, there will be plenty of promotional discounts. So Islamabadis, if you haven’t already, start downloading the Uber app on your phone and get registered to see immediate updates on promotions and discounts!