Top 10 Natural Drinks That will Give you an Instant Boost of Energy this Summer

Are you on the lookout for tempting homemade energy drinks that are natural, easy and quick to prepare and will help you beat the heat this summer?

Your search ends here folks! We’re about to hand over our secret 10 energy drinks that will help you stay fit and energized this summer. You can thank us later!

Banana Smoothies

Banana shakes and smoothies are perfect all natural energy drinks that effectively assist you in surviving the intense summer heat of Pakistan. Bananas are bestowed with the perfect combination of minerals like potassium, and manganese and are loaded with carbohydrates. The matter of the fact is that this fruit is one of the best solutions for fatigue and energy loss. It helps control body enzymes and maintains and expedites the fabrication of energy.

Apple Smoothies

Apple shakes can also be a perfect solution to effectively boost up the energy flow of your body. A chilled apple shake is enough to keep you active all the way through the day as it is full of iron. It also keeps the body relaxed after a hectic, long day’s work.


Honey-water shake is not only an alluring and luscious energy drink but is also a highly effective all natural fat burner. Just add a few drops of honey to a glass of lukewarm water and shake it to get your honey-water shake ready.

Orange Shake

An orange flax shake is a highly refreshing and energizing drink. Oranges, being a rich source of potassium, magnesium, and folate, will help you regain a proper supply of energy in a matter of seconds.

Banana Wheat Grass smoothie

Wheat is highly rich in potassium and vitamins. These basic nutrients are very effective at charging up and energizing the body. Just shake a banana with a munificent quantity of wheatgrass to get this savory and refreshing shake ready.

Carrot-Orange Juice

Carrot is bestowed with vitamins, proteins and a considerable amount of minerals. Oranges are also rich in vitamin-C which plays an important role in revitalizing the soul and body. Simply peel off some carrots and oranges and throw them in a blender to make this wonderfully refreshing drink.

Coconut water

Coconut water is an amazing natural electrolyte replacement which endows you with the perfect boost of energy and keeps the body fresh and full of energy. Avocado pulp can be mixed with coconut water to make it a mouth-watering smoothie. Avocado has beneficial elements like vitamins and minerals which are indeed a very sturdy resource of energy.


Lemonade is agreeably the most easy-to-make energy drink which provides us with plentiful energy and keeps us revitalized. Simply mix some lemon juice in a glass of water with a little salt to get this fabulous drink ready.

lemon-Barley water

Barley is a highly rich source of amino acids which appropriately boost the energy of the body and keep us fresh. If a few drops of honey and lemon juice are added to the barley shake then it will also help in burning the superfluous fat in the body. This drink can also effectively help in removal of kidney stones.

Mango shake

Mangoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, and potassium. Just blend some milk with mango pulp, with the aim of creating a scrumptious mango smoothie which will recharge your body with ample energy. Mix some cream in the shake to make it extra thick and lusciously creamy.