Soon, your smartphone’s cracked screen may heal on its own

Scientists from the Department of Chemistry at the University of California, Riverside have found the ultimate solution for broken smartphone screens. They have successfully developed a self-healing material that can be potentially used as a phone screen, artificial muscles and more.

The new material is transparent, highly stretchable and has self-healing properties that can be activated electrically. The scientists revealed that it can be used to improve current day electronic devices, improve batteries and even upgrade robots.

One of the authors of the research paper for the new material revealed that the idea was inspired by the popular comic book character Wolverine who has the same self-healing abilities.

The concept behind this new self-healing material isn’t exactly new. In 2013, LG G Flex came with a material that allowed self-healing on its back. The phone would actually repair minute scratches and other wear and tear on the back.

The developers of this magnificent material believe that people could be seeing it in the market within three years. They believe self-healing products will become an important part of our life by improving the devices we own during our everyday life.