This Russian Artist Is Turning Dirty Cars Into Pieces Of Art

Whenever we see a dirty car, there is an urge to draw something on it. But our drawings on dirt ridden cars are limited to writing names and messages or simple drawings. One illustrator from Russia went way out of the typical car vandalism and turned into beautiful pieces of art.

Nikita Golubev is a Russian illustrator who has been painting, drawing and doing digital art for a couple of years. He likes to experiment on different medias and mostly work with illustrations, wall prints, street art objects and character design.

He recently came up with an experimental project called the ‘dirtpainting’. He finds dirty trucks around the vicinity of Moscow and uses his fingers and paintbrushes to turn them into pieces of art.

The people of Moscow have really started to like what Nikita is doing. He usually keeps his next drawing a secret until he has fully dirt painted a vehicle. He then uploads his art to his Facebook page where most of his fans interact with his drawings. Nikita was born in 1981 and is self-educated with interest in art.