Rickshaw drivers in Lahore are protesting against Uber And Careem

Rickshaw drivers from across Lahore are staging a protest against popular ride-hailing services Careem and Uber.

According to reports, the protests are being staged outside the headquarters of Punjab Information Technology Board in Arfa Software Technology park. These protests are Rickshaw owners’ way of expressing their rage against the ride-hailing services that are taking over their business.

They are protesting because Careem and uber cars are private vehicles being used as commercial which according to law is illegal. Rickshaw and taxis need to get their vehicles registered and pay extra tax by law for commercial transport.

Rickshaw drivers are also shouting slogans against Umar Saif, advisor to the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Information Technology. Umar Saif is specifically being targeted because he was the one who helped remove the ban on ride-hailing services a few months ago when Punjab Government had banned them from operation in the city. Saif also actively advocates the promotion of these companies in Pakistan.

Careem and Uber have become quite popular since the launch of their services in Punjab. People consider them to be safer, comfortable and fairly affordable compared to local taxi services such as rickshaws and taxis.

Despite the claims of their business being stolen, Rickshaws still remain the go-t0 ride for many citizens of Lahore.