This Pakistani Shoe Brand Is Selling Shoes From A Shoe Truck

Deluxe, a Pakistani shoe brand is taking innovation to a whole new level with their latest campaign, Shoes on Wheels.

The company designed bite sized shoe trucks and filled it with a various collection of shoes they otherwise have on display in their stores. The whole idea of the shoe truck is to bring shoes to places where no shoe stores have ever opened their doors.

With their affordable and unique collection, Deluxe is also aiming to provide shoes to underprivileged people.

The Shoes on Wheels stores are open for anyone on the road. Customers can try and buy shoes on the spot with help of trained customer service representatives. The innovating idea has so far only been launched in Lahore but Deluxe aims to push this idea to other cities in near time.

More about Deluxe

Deluxe is a shoe brand in Pakistan that started their business in 1970 but established itself in the industry with their unique plastic footwear in 1999. Since then the company has provided affordable, diverse, innovative and unique shoe products in Pakistan.

The Deluxe Shoe lineup includes many brands like Reef Land, Reejoice, Reefine, reeveal and reebounce.