Now you can hire a taxi through your phone without internet

Ride-hailing services have become extremely popular in Pakistan. With Careem and Uber taking over the country with their services, more and more ride-hailing services are appearing to compete.

Jazz, one of the largest telecom companies in Pakistan is set to launch its own ride-hailing service called the MLift.

MLift is looking to set itself apart from the competition by eliminating the need to connect to the internet in order to get a ride. People who want a taxi will be able to dial 7555 from their Jazz powered phone to connect to the nearest taxi driver.

No phone charges will be applied to the 7555 number. Plus you can also decide the fair with the taxi driver just like you usually do on the roads.

Although Jazz has confirmed that all of the taxi drivers on board will have licenses and biometric verification, they have not revealed what kind of vehicles will be part of the fleet.

For now, Jazz is reaching out to currently available transporters to get on board the project. This could mean that your call will be connected to a typical taxi on the road who have signed up on the mLift program with Jazz.

The mLift service is currently exclusive to Jazz customers only and is available in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Jazz intends to expand the service throughout the country in the coming months.

Furthermore, Jazz will extend the service to other cellular operators so that anyone can use the service.