New Electric Cars With A Mileage Of RS 1 Per Kilometer Coming To Pakistan

Plagued with over-priced cars, transportation in Pakistan has become something of a luxury. People intending to buy a car in Pakistan have to shell out as much as PKR 800,000 or more to have this basic need fulfilled.But one company aims to change the auto industry by introducing low-cost electronic cars.

The makers of Super Power Motorcycles recently announced that they would start selling electric cars in Pakistan within the next three months with starting costs of mere PKR 600,000.

The company showcased their cars during the ’14th My Karachi-Oasis of Harmony’ exhibition at the Karachi Expo Center on Friday.

On display were the two concept models of Super Power’s electric cars. These concept models according to the company can reach up to a maximum speed of 50 Km/hr and are entirely run on electricity. They need a minimum of 7 hours charge time to cover a distance of 120Kms.

Price and model variants

The Super Power electric cars will be available in two variants. One of the cars will have two doors, while the other will have 4 doors.


Both cars are equipped with a cost effective fuel mileage engine which results in a mileage of RS 1 for every 1 Km. The two-door variant will go on sale for RS 600,000, while the four-door variant will be sold for RS 650,000.


The battery of these cars is a 12 volts variant that can be easily charged in the home using a convenient plug which means you will never have to depend on a docking station.

It takes around 7 hours to charge the battery fully and lasts for up to 120 KMs.


The cars are being imported from China with the aim to introduce fuel efficient cars that will not only help cut the cost of fuel but will also contribute to improving the environment by ditching fossil fuels for cleaner energy. According to some sources, the company provides 5 years or 80,000 KM warranty for the car. Soon after the launch, the company will also introduce the availability of all spare parts to the local market as well.

Super Power is currently looking for dealerships for the cars and aims to bring them on the road within 3 months.