Memorable US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s Visit to Pakistan in 1962

On the 21st of March 1962, the US First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy visited Pakistan which was a memorable moment for Pakistan and United States.

She visited different areas of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar and had the following words to say about her visit.

I must say I’m profoundly impressed by the reverence which you in Pakistan have for your art and culture and of the use you make of it now. My own country too have a pride in their traditions, so I think as I stand in these gardens which were built long before my country was born, that’s one more thing that binds us together and which always will.

Here is a picturesque journey of the memorable visit of Jacqueline Kennedy to Pakistan.

Arrival in Lahore

A huge crowd lined up in the streets to throw flower petals on the car that was carrying Jacquline Kennedy on the time when she arrived in Lahore.

A view from deep within the crowd in Lahore when her motorcade was passing by.

Memorable Lahore Parade

Jacqueline Kennedy attended the Lahore parade during the horse and cattle fair on her first day of visit.

President Ayub Khan and Jacqueline Kennedy as they watched the parade. The first lady later on complimented on the traditional fur hat which the president was wearing. Ayub Khan gifted her the hat upon hearing her compliments.

During the end ceremony of the horse and cattle fair, President Ayub Khan gifted Mrs. Kennedy a horse called ‘Sardar’. The horse was gifted to the first lady after the President found out that they had a mutual interest in horses. Mrs. Kennedy later transported the horse back to U.S and asked her husband to intervene by helping to skip the quarantine procedures for the horse.

Visit To Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Upon her arrival to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Peshawar, she was welcomed by the Khyber Rifles Officer’s mess performance.

Jacqueline Kennedy and her sister Lee Radziwill meeting the famous camel driver Bashir Ahmad. He became a media sensation for visiting the United States to meet the Kennedys and Vice President Lyndon Johnson. The driver was personally invited by the Vice President because a year before First lady’s visit, Johnson had stopped to shake his hand during his own visit and asked him to ‘come see him some time.’

Mrs. Kennedy and her sister riding Ahmad’s camel making rounds of the ground.

A street of Peshawar lined up with people welcoming the First Lady. Even Bata put up a sign to welcome Jacqueline Kennedy to Pakistan.

During her visit to Khyber Pass, a local tribesman tried to sacrifice a lamb in front of the First Lady to pay her a tribute. He was stopped by Clint Hill and was told to ‘guard the lamb with your life’ instead, until she had left.

Mrs. Kennedy visited the Khyber Pass wearing the traditional Karakul hat that was gifted to her by President Ayub Khan during the parade in Lahore.

Jacqueline Kennedy’s visit to Pakistan was a first ever visit of a US First Lady and it was marked as a huge success. Mrs. Kennedy remembers her visit to Pakistan as some of the happiest days she spent as First Lady of US.

Jacqueline Kennedy was the wife of the 35th President of the U.S, John F. Kennedy. She was First Lady of the U.S from years 1961 to 1963.