This guy made a working iPhone 6S Himself

An ex-engineer from Silicon Valley took the ultimate challenge of making his own iPhone 6S by acquiring different parts of the phone from China.

Scott Allen used to work in the iconic Silicon Valley of America until he finally got tired and quit his job to travel across the world. On his travels, he came across cell phone parts market in China which piqued his interest in building a phone by just acquiring parts.

Allen started his search for iPhone 6S parts by searching through the phone part markets located in Huaqiangbei. He decided to build an iPhone 6 because parts for iPhone 7 are still not readily available in Chinese markets.

You might wonder why I chose to make an iPhone 6s and not an iPhone 7. This is because iPhone 7 parts are pretty hard to come by in the markets

But searching for even iPhone 6S parts wasn’t easy. He had to take help from a local to find all the parts necessary to build the phone from scratch.

In some cases, even iPhone 6s parts were a bit hard to come by (mostly the logic board).

The only thing that came easily was the battery, which is mostly available in every repair shop in China.

For his phone to work, Allen needed a total of 4 parts namely the screen, battery, back and the logic board. Acquiring these parts cost him a mere $300 where an iPhone 6S brought directly from iPhone costs more than $500.