Facebook’s New Augmented Reality Camera Is About To Change How You Take Pictures

Facebook recently released a controversial update which allowed people to take pictures with animated face detection filters that was pretty much a carbon copy of Snapchat’s popular animated face filters.

But now the social media is taking one step ahead by bringing Augmented Reality to cameras.

At the F8 today, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage to announce the new augmented camera platform for developers which gives the camera some pretty crazy and awesome animated filters.

The augmented reality camera platform will combine reality with the digital world by putting in several animated filters that are going to be interactive and available to your phone’s rear camera.

For example, in one video Facebook showed how pointing a camera at a ‘plate’ on the table brought in 3D sharks circling around it. In another example, balloons appeared in the environment which could be popped by tapping on them.

Check out the cool video Buzzfeed released today to introduce the new platform.

The new camera platform has crazy possibilities like playing a game on the table top with your friends by just pointing your camera at a real table in your environment.

Although the new features of the camera are still in development phase, Facebook has handed out the development kit to developers to start working with the camera and implement inside Facebook.

This new feature is definitely going to give Snapchat a tough time which is only limited to face detection animated filters.