Checkout Punjab Police’s New Uniform

The Punjab Police has just received their first batch of revamped uniforms. Starting from Lahore, the new uniforms will be distributed to the entire Punjab police force in the upcoming month. Speaking to the press on the occasion, Assistant IG Logistics Humayun Bashir Tarar revealed that Punjab Police had consulted with a fashion school to devise these revamped uniforms.

The uniforms have received more than just a color overhaul. The new olive green uniform also takes weather into consideration. Because of scorching summers in Pakistan, the police force often faces trouble during duty hours in the day time when it’s very hot.

To offer a solution for this problem, the new uniform has a lighter and cooler form to protect against scorching heat and keep the officers cool.

Plus the Assistant IG Logistics also believes that the new colors will help improve the mindset of the officers in the force. The Punjab police are already working hard to introduce and maintain a better culture in police stations across Punjab.

The move to revamp uniforms will cost PKR 950 million to be distributed amongst the entire force. Humayun Bashir confirmed that this is not an additional expense on their part because they already distribute new uniforms every year at the same cost. The new Punjab Police uniforms are made by Nishat Mills.

The new uniforms caught the eyes of Pakistani’s all over social media and they had mixed reactions but mostly people would like the see improved police behavior rather then only uniform change.

Some couldn’t avoid seeing the funny side of it.

Someone pointed out that the pockets have increased in the uniform instead of removing them.